Certification: Administration Specialist

Careers in administration come with a variety of interesting responsibilities, and opportunities to connect with various people in a company.  This role will experience job growth over the next decade.

Average Salary: $37K – $42K*

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Career Explorer Courses Career Explorer Courses

Business Information Management 1a: Introduction

Business Information Management 1b: Data Essentials

Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance 1a: Introduction

Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance 1b: Targeting your Business Insight

Career Launcher Courses: Career Launcher Courses:

Office Administration 1a

Office Administration 1b (Coming Soon)

Career Concentrator Courses: Career Concentrator Courses:

Digital Design 1a

Digital Design 1b

Business Communications 1a

Business Communications 1b

Business Information Management 2a

Business Information Management 2b

Touch Systems Data Entry


Industry Certification Industry Certification

Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)


NOCTI Administrative Assisting (Job Ready Assessment)

NOCTI Administrative Services (Pathway Assessment)

NOCTI Business Information Processing (Job Ready Assessment)

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