Certification: Computer Programmer/Software Developer

Many Software Developers start their career as a fun hobby and are now finding careers in one of the fastest-growing, highest-paying occupations.

Average Salary: $80K – $96K*

Legend: Introductory CoursesIntroductory Courses Concentrator CoursesConcentrator Courses Mini CertificationsMini Certifications Industry CertificationIndustry Certification


Career Explorer Courses Career Explorer Courses

Principles of Information Technology 1a: Introduction

Principles of Information Technology 1b

Career Launcher Courses: Career Launcher Courses:

Programming 1a: Introduction

Programming 1b

Career Concentrator Courses: Career Concentrator Courses:

Programming 2a

Programming 2b

Programming 3a

Programming 3b


Mid-pathway Certifications: Mid-pathway Certifications:

iC3 – Computing Fundamentals

iC3 – Living Online

iC3 – Key Applications

CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+)

Industry Certification: Industry Certification:

ICT Programming and Logic

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