Certification: Emergency Medical Responder

Having quick response times and providing lifesaving interventions are essential duties for this rewarding career.

Average Salary : $25K – $44K*

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Career Explorer Courses Career Explorer Courses

Health Science Foundations 1a

Health Science Foundations 1b

Career Launcher Courses: Career Launcher Courses:

Anatomy and Physiology 1a

Anatomy and Physiology 1b

Medical Terminology 1a

Medical Terminology 1b

Health Science Theory 1a

Health Science Theory 1b

Career Concentrator Courses: Career Concentrator Courses:

Emergency Medical Responder 1a

Emergency Medical Responder 1b

Pharmacology 1a

Pharmacology 1b


Mid-pathway Certifications: Mid-pathway Certifications:


NCHSE Human Structure, Functions, Disease (A)

NCHSE Human Structure, Functions, Disease (B)

NCHSE National Health Science Standards

NCHSE Foundation of Healthcare Professions

Industry Certification Industry Certification

National Registry for Emergency Technicians


NOCTI Therapeutic Services (Pathway Assessment)

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