Certification: Sales Professional

Social Media, branding, the and Internet, are just a few of the many reasons why Marketing and Sales occupations are experiencing a growth explosion, with opportunities for very high wages.

Average Salary : $100K – $131K

Legend:  Introductory Courses Introductory Courses  Concentrator CoursesConcentrator Courses  Mini CertificationsMini Certifications   Industry CertificationIndustry Certification


Career Explorer Courses Career Explorer Courses

Business Information Management 1a: Introduction

Business Information Management 1b: Data Essentials

Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance 1a: Introduction

Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance 1b: Targeting your Business Insight

Career Launcher Courses: Career Launcher Courses:

Marketing Foundations 1a: Introduction

Marketing Foundations 1b: Building your Base

Career Concentrator Courses: Career Concentrator Courses:

Professional Sales and Promotion 1a

Professional Sales and Promotion 1b


Industry Certification Industry Certification

AMA: Sales Management

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